Indonesia Gastronomy Network in collaboration with Negeri Rempah Foundation are proud to partner with Google Arts and Culture.

This program is initiated by Indonesia Gastronomy Network as a collaborative program with communities, experts, academics, and industry players across the Creative Economy sub-sectors in culinary arts, illustrations, design, film, music, apps and digital.

Collaborators include Negeri Rempah Foundation, Tempeh Movement, Acaraki, and Rendang Minang Legacy to the World by Reno Andam Suri.

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6 Spices that Changed the World

Nutmeg: The Taste of Moluccas

Pepper: The King of Spices

Candlenut: The Spirit of Savoury Cuisine

Cinnamon: The Soul of Sweets

Cloves: The Fragrance of Moluccas

Andaliman: The Treasure of Batak