Book Publishing “Pustaka Negeri Rempah” is a literacy program that encourages learning activities by dissemination of knowledge through books for schools, public and community libraries.

Showcase and Exhibition “Rempah dan Kita” is an annually held community-based multi-activities exhibition program which serves as a meeting point for communities to share, exchange, inspire, and showcase their works through creative collaboration. The same concept called “Pameran Keliling” is carried out in the form of mini exhibitions held in various cities in Indonesia, working together with local communities.

Forum “Sesi Berbagi” is a multi-disciplinary forums and sharing sessions which discusses Spice Route in a contemporary context. Sharing session program is held periodically in public spaces (museums, cafes, cooking studios, etc), with an informal atmosphere and limited number of participants. Events could be in a format of conference, seminars, workshop, and thematic sharing sessions, following certain occasion such as the independence day or commemorating important historical events.

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