Why #JalurRempah (Spice Route)?

JMNR promotes the "Spice Route" because it provides a unique contextual perspective as an entry point to encourage understanding of the diversity that has shaped Indonesia. It is because of the spices, the Indonesian archipelago has become a meeting point for peoples from various parts of the world, most of whom have a passion not only for trading but for building civilization. The archipelago is an important node of intercultural exchange that brings together various ideas, concepts, science, religion, language, aesthetics, to customs. This spice trading route through the sea became a means for intercultural exchange that contributed significantly to shaping world civilization. Thus, it is hoped that this will foster awareness of learning and intercultural understanding through cross-sectoral collaborative participation in local and global contexts. This community-based public learning program is under the name #JalurRempah (written using hash marks to facilitate socialization in the media).

Spirit of Collaboration

Our community network (JMNR) emphasizes collaboration as an important process in acquiring knowledge. Therefore, JMNR brings together community activists and multi-disciplinary resource persons, both institutional and private, to help enrich public knowledge. Starting from academia, professionals, lifestyle enthusiasts, students, families and children. Emphasizing educational aspects, JMNR's activities involve communities' participation which are organized with the spirit of knowledge sharing while simultaneously applying the concept of ethical benefit sharing.

What do you gain if you join JMNR?

  • Knowledge-sharing through enjoyable and enriching multi-activities learning experience.
  • Community involvement and interactions which prioritizes ethical benefit sharing cooperation.
  • Contribute to sustainable exchange of knowledge, including protecting cultural and natural heritage.

Who can join JMNR?

Anyone can join this movement. JMNR facilitates the opportunities for cross-communities' interaction as long as it has the vision to sharing knowledge, information, enriching insights, and encourage mutual benefits collaborations.

Join us!