Sharing Ideas, Knowledge, and Learning Experience

Negeri Rempah Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing public awareness to learn and obtain knowledge about Indonesian diversity through educational and cultural activities.

Negeri Rempah Foundation starts from a humble beginning. Before it was established, several volunteers from various backgrounds which concerns about how Indonesian young generation is less interested in their history and culture, initiated a series of cultural trip programs with diverse themes since 2012. One of the themes of cultural trips was the history of the spice trade in the Indonesian archipelago. Along with the growth of this community, in 2018 the foundation was established to maintain the sustainability of the program.

As #JalurRempah or Spice Route provides unique contextual perspective as an entry point to encourage public to have a new understanding on how spice route has been the melting pot of ideas, concepts, praxis which contributed toward modern civilization, the foundation aims to foster intercultural learning and understanding through cross-sectoral collaborative participation in both local and global context. Through this foundation, experts, professionals and communities from diverse backgrounds share and exchange their knowledge and experience to public.

Negeri Rempah Foundation positions itself as a node institution that connects experts, professionals, practitioners, policymakers, and communities from various scientific backgrounds to share their knowledge and experience with the public. Our initiatives cover the fields of education, culture, arts, to business empowerment. Primarily public initiatives, our programs include research; discussions forums and sharing sessions; workshops; book publishing; exhibitions; festivals; cultural expeditions; art and culture collaborations - aiming at broader audience.