Our Vision

Become a reliable and influential institution in supporting the efforts to foster the nation's intellectual life through public learning based on intercultural understanding that is in harmony with Indonesian diversity.

Our Mission

  • To provide the platform for innovative knowledge-exchange and intercultural understanding, while simultaneously promoting multiculturalism through Spice Route as one of the world's cultural and natural heritage which still has its relevance in the contemporary context;
  • To initiate public awareness on the importance of nurturing intellectual tradition through community-based participation;
  • To create collaborative initiatives with diverse communities through national and international-scale sustainable programs;
  • To develop networks of cross-sectoral cooperation between government, private sector and communities.

Our Values

  • Knowledge-sharing through enjoyable and enriching multi-activities learning experience;
  • Community involvement and interactions which prioritizes ethical benefit sharing cooperation;
  • Contribute to sustainable exchange of knowledge, including protecting cultural and natural heritage.

To support its vision, Negeri Rempah Foundation has diversified initiatives which are part of the knowledge-sharing campaign labeled as #JalurRempah (spice route). The foundation works with communities, institutions, educators, experts, and volunteers to foster intercultural learning and understanding through cross-sectoral collaborative participation as well as to ensure more resourceful learning experience.