Media Art Globale (MAG) proudly presents:

An Adaptation Movement of Garden Indonesia

Proudly bring Indonesian & international artists, speakers and lectures to 42nd Ars Electronica Festival. We elaborate our heritage, nature and spices through Media Art Globale Festival : INFINITY.

Negeri Rempah Foundation will be part of this exciting festival!

The virtual exhibition will be held on and

From 8 September to 12 September 2021.

Stay tune for further information!

Tales of The Lands Beneath the Winds is not only about the historical spice trade and its route. It is also a valuable tool for analyzing the present and the future of global issues and solutions, such as the climate crisis. The authors reflect compelling stories of places, nature, goods, and power struggle, illustrating what we have to take into account in this modern times.


- Amanda Katili, Ph.D.